Buenos días, cockbites. Guess who’s back? Payback’s a bitch, and so am I. I hope you brought your wallet… ‘cause the rent in hell gets paid in advance.

The ultimate thing that I have taken from what has transpired, is that we will never know exactly what happened. We may know Seto’s side, but we weren’t there personally in the call… so we can’t just take Seto’s word as the truth. But we also can’t take TC’s word (when it comes out) as the truth either. The truth is always a combination of all sides to the story, and there are too many possibilities to actually know what transpired in that call. 

So all in all, nothing we say will change what has happened. This has apparently transpired 4 months ago. And to those who hadn’t watch Seto’s video. He stated do not send hate to Team Crafted. I will repeat myself he said "DO NOT SEND HATE TO TEAM CRAFTED"

Side Note : I will continue to watch both setosorcerer and Team Crafted and their members.

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